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TOPdesk on Tour 2019

5th November Lamot Mechelen

Meet our Partners at TOPdesk on Tour

Pink Elephant

Pink Elephant BI is TOPdesk’s reporting and business intelligence partner. Do you want to get more out of your TOPdesk data or do you want to combine it with other data sources? We help you set up the TOPdesk data model and all desired Service Management reports in Power BI or Qlik.

Ask Roger

Personalise your contact per customer. Impossible? No way! With the Toastar, you have important customer data immediately visible on the screen for every conversation. By linking to TOPdesk, you can immediately see all open incidents and immediately click through to these elements.  This allows employees to respond directly to specific customer issues and to act efficiently and effectively.

Our City App

The mobile communication platform for your city or municipality – Think global, act Local!
City As A Service = how to communicate with your residents today and tomorrow and will the town hall still exist within 50 years.


Scope4mation’s Outlook Room Booker, sold by TOPdesk, enables booking and reservations of available rooms and participants in Outlook and automatically synchronizes this with TOPdesk and the other way around. Save time and avoid mistakes and no shows. Besides ORB, Scope4mation also provides integrations between TOPdesk and AFAS, SCCM, AD / Azure, HubSpot, Jira and many more. Save costs and improve accuracy by automating your business processes.


ICT Integrator Realdolmen has again won 6 important shares from the ‘Raamcontract Stad Brugge’, which we can use to serve the local authorities (450 participants) with for the next 6 years:

Purchase of products and licences (TOPdesk), workplaces, digital transformation, data centre services and document management systems with our own developed products Rflow & Bdoc


Geosparc’s mission is to improve the lives of citizens with well thought-out, geolocation-based solution based on open software and open data.

With proven expertise in integrating geospatial technology with cutting-edge technology, Geosparc is a popular and trusted partner for businesses and government institutions in the collaborative goal of improving services through digital automation.



Does your company have overly complex processes? Your ITSM tool doesn’t do what you want? Qinexo is the answer! Qinexo assists you in achieving your goals. Our customers are pleased with our flexibility and pro-active approach. Are you ready for your success story?




Arinto develops planning software to optimize a variety of resource planning needs, considering all kinds of rules and prerequisites. Arinto has a full integration with TOPdesk and synchronizes incidents to be planned based on TOPdesk statuses. Thanks to the intelligent synchronisation between both platforms all different users, both front-office and back-office, get access to the right information to keep track on the status of the incidents and the execution of the planning.  



We’re confronted with words like iot, blockchain, ANPR, open data, circular economy, fiberglass, data mining, smart city, AI on a daily basis. We have to be innovative; they say. At INJR we help to steer this technological acceleration in the right direction. We help you to focus on your most important asset: the customer (both internally and externally).


Cloud Communications

“Do you want to maximize your customer experience? Explore our custom phone integration with Topdesk!”


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