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TOPdesk on Tour 2019

5th November Lamot Mechelen

TOPdesk API and Action Sequences

Action Sequences in TOPdesk allow you to communicate seamlessly with other tools – without the need for complicated bespoke work. Action Sequences can also be used to automatically execute a sequence of HTTP requests to interact with the TOPdesk REST API. For example, update the status of a call and the action field or automatically approve a Request for Change. In this workshop, we’ll take a closer look at Action Sequences and the TOPdesk API and in this workshop we want you to:

  • Understand the basic principles of a REST API
  • Understand the basic principles of Action Sequences
  • Learn how to create an Action Sequence yourself
  • Know how to use our Action Sequence Library
  • See examples of integrations possible via Action Sequences
  • Discover Tips and tricks

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